Abraham Jam

The Abraham Jam is all about coming together. It is a collaboration between Jewish, Christian, and Muslim musicians and followers in order to celebrate our oneness and explore our diversity. We invite you to come with us on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 at 7:30pm at the Page Auditorium, Duke University. Admission will be free so bring your friends!

We will hear music from national and international artists: Dan Nichols, Dawud Wharnsby, and David LaMotte as well as poetry from regional performance poets.

It will be a night you cannot miss!

One thought on “Abraham Jam

  1. Your interview on NPR today was very interesting and inspirational. As strong as some sectors of religious society are trying to hold on to the “right path”, it is clear that the Almighty is opening our eyes to something bigger than our own tribal perspectives. I applaud your willingness to highlight this perspective. I just wish the church/mosque/synagogue would open conversations to really challenge our faith to grow in this way too.
    Karen Armstrong writes some excellent books about the history of the Abrahamic faiths that to me highlight the Almighty’s message of faith, peace & forgiveness for all of the world. I wish we could all get past how the Almighty spells his name.

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