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  1. I thought when I heard that this was going to be a 2-hour concert w/o an intermission, that we would be restless towards the end. I was wrong. If anything it became more and more riveting. I thought when I heard that this was going to be an unrehearsed jam session with artists who had never even met (at least not until the day before) that is was going to have a ragged pace with lots of miscues. I was wrong. It was spontaneous, but they never missed a beat. I was cynically suspicious that it would be kum-ba-yah-ish. I was wrong. It was provocative and as David said at the end, it’s a step, things are not well out there, there is work to be done. Many thanks to the artists, organizers, sponsors, volunteers and Duke for this wonderful, spirit-filled (and free!) gift.

  2. David, Dan, Dawud and all, thanks so much for sharing your gives with us last night. I heard many similar comments… “They need to take this on the road.” I couldn’t agree more, but my real hope is we all take it on the road with the way we seek civility and understanding in the midst of our differences.

  3. At the beginning of the concert someone said jokingly that to be a musician involved your name had to start with “Da”. This struck me,not just as an amusing coincidence, but because “da” has particular religious significance most of the audience was probably unaware of.

    The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad is a Hindu text, and contained within it is the story of The Three Principle virtures. The story is, God uttered one syllable: Da. The three forms of being on earth -gods, men,and demons- all heard this and each interpreted as a different word that represented what they lacked. The gods though it to mean “damyata”, or “exercise self-control”, as they had a tendency towards pleasure. Man heard “Datta”, or “give”, because they were selfish beings. And the demons heard “Dayadhvam”, or “sympathize”, because they were cruel beings. So through God’s one command, “Da”, each of the three groups heard what they were meant to hear in order to live as better creatures upon earth… “Give, Sympathize, Control,”

    Maybe this is the English major in me, but I found this to be a lovely coincidence- here were three faiths (none of us gods or demons of course) hearing one message through three different Da’s. I just thought I would share!

  4. Unfortunately I had to leave a little early… very sad. But it was so cool. 😀 And I’ve had your songs stuck in my head ever since. I’m sure at some point I’ll get some very funny looks for randomly singing in Hebrew. 😛

  5. The Abraham Jam was great! It was powerful watching three talented musicians cooperate in playing music together. It has enhanced our interfaith conversations as well as exposed folks to new ideas and ways of thinking. David did a great job engaging the student communities. It would be great to see this turn into an annual event–I think it has a great potential for growth! Thank you to everybody involved for your hard work.

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